Whooo can benefit?

Anyone who wants to strengthen their brain!

Including those with learning challenges such as:

Intellectual Disability


Autism Spectrum Disorder

Down Syndrome


Specific Learning Disorder

Enjoy 2 Engage uses the Equipping Minds Cognitive Development Curriculum (EMCDC), developed by Dr. Carol Brown of Frankfort, Kentucky.  This program employs a holistic approach to educational therapy.  

Students participate in specific interactive games and activities proven to enhance working memory, processing speed,  perceptual reasoning, and comprehension.  Scientific research confirms that the techniques used strengthen neurological foundations and yield significant gains in cognitive performance.  Stronger cognition transfers to improved memory, attention, language/communication, social/emotional skills, and learning.

Enjoy 2 Engage  sees every aspect of EMCDC’s holistic approach as important.  As Dr. Brown says, “Partial participation will yield partial results.”

  • Cognitive Development Therapy:  Brain strengthening games and activities use what the student already knows, setting aside academic subjects, to target underlying cognitive functions.
  • Primitive Reflex Exercises:  Early infant muscle movement patterns need to be integrated before more mature motor and cognitive functions can be established.  A series of exercises helps the student integrate immature reflexes, paving the way for higher level visual motor and cognitive development.
  • Wise Nutrition:  The standard American diet (SAD) is loaded with processed foods, refined sugars, simple carbohydrates (including gluten), genetically modified foods, and toxins.  These combine to produce a serious inflammatory burden on the child’s developing brain.  Eliminating the above culinary culprits, adding needed supplements, and exercise will set your student up for success in many areas, including thinking.
  • Sound Therapy:  Specially mastered classical music emphasizing high frequencies are used during each session.  High frequencies have been shown to activate the brain, stimulating  10 of the 12 cranial nerves.
  • Visual Stimulation:  Visual processing and memory skills are enhanced by many of the brain games and activities we use.  
Brain training requires commitment. Enjoy 2 Engage is designed for parental involvement to best integrate with your specific home school philosophy.  We provide the opportunity for you to learn the techniques to enable autonomous training at home. Periodic consulting/coaching sessions help you stay on track while significantly reducing your investment.

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