Progress in the strengthening the brain will require commitment and hard work on the part of both the students and the parents.  Most students see significant gains after investing an hour each day, 5 days a week, for 12 to 24 weeks.  Those needing a shorter (30 minute) time slot may require 16 to 36 weeks to realize appreciable gains.  

This curriculum is designed for family involvement.  Mom or older sibling who participates in therapy should be able to learn the methods and gradually take over brain training at home.  Enjoy 2 Engage is designed to naturally support parent led home education.

Introductory Rates






Enjoy 2 Engage learning screen to be completed by parents and returned via email.  I will schedule a meeting with you and your student to conduct an assessment using sample brain games and activities to determine specific needs.  A summary of findings and recommendations will be provided one week following the evaluation.  

1 Hour Session

$40 In My Home 

$50 In Your Home

Primitive reflex exercises and sound therapy will kick off an hour of brain training games and paper/marker activities.  Most games and activities contain common features which progressively build interest and challenge as the student grows with the program.  Ideally, a parent or older sibling will participate too.

30 Minute Session

$25 In My Home 

$30 In Your Home

Younger students, or those who need gradual introduction to cognitive therapy may be more successful with shorter sessions, at least initially.  Since time for our special brain activities is so valuable, primitive reflex exercises should be completed before the session begins.  Sound and cognitive developmental activities will be similar to those in the 1 hour sessions, with fewer games and activities.