“Everyone – regardless of age, etiology or disability – has immeasurable ability to enhance their learning aptitude and highten their intelligence.”


Is Your Child Overwhelmed?

The ability to tailor education to your child’s needs and learning style is one of the primary reasons we choose to home school our kids.  If the cognitive foundation is not strong, learning is frustrating.  Your child gets discouraged, and you as their teacher, get discouraged.

Addressing this challenge doesn’t take a village, it takes a partner who cares, and has the tools to help.  Enjoy 2 Engage wants to partner with you and your child to strengthen their brain so that learning is easier and your child can stand tall.

Strong Trees Start with strong roots

Enjoy 2 Engage uses the Equipping Minds Cognitive Development Curriculum to strengthen foundational cognitive abilities.  

Train your brain to Stand tall

If your home school student is struggling, Enjoy 2 Engage is here to help them achieve their God-given potential.


What’s more fun than than playing games every day?


Feeling our brains get stronger while we play!